Are Soft Drinks Hurting Your Teeth?

Are Soft Drinks Hurting Your Teeth?

Posted September 23, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

are-soft-drinks-hurting-your-teeth Your day is riddled with small choices that can culminate with a big effect on your teeth. How much sugar did you consume? Did you take the time to brush carefully – and did you floss? At individual moments, these choices may not seem to mean much. What you should consider is that the more you make choices that neglect your oral health, the more strain you put your teeth under. One positive choice you can make is to reduce the amount of soft drinks you consume. Sodas can be a problem because they are high in sugar, and because of their acidity. Controlling how many soft drinks you drink can help you reduce the likelihood you will need restorative work from your dentist.

Soft Drinks Can Lead To Cavities – Even The Diet Drinks

The sugar in a soda can harm your teeth by increasing your cavity risk. So why not just switch to diet? Sugar is not the only problem soda causes for teeth. Because these drinks are acidic, they can soften your enamel. That makes it harder for your teeth to avoid a cavity, and also makes it easier for them to pick up stains. That could leave you in need of a professional whitening treatment.

Why Small Changes Can Have A Big Oral Health Impact

A regular checkup with your dentist should happen every six months. In between visits, your teeth can be put through several experiences that harm them. Controlling your oral health risks means that from one visit to the next, you are more likely to enjoy a clean bill of health. When you become careless, your next visit could involve your dentist informing you that you will need a filling for a cavity.