Could Root Canal Therapy Be What Your Smile Needs?

Could Root Canal Therapy Be What Your Smile Needs?

Posted October 9, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

Wince of Cavity Pain Are you tired of feeling dental pain? Did you know root canal therapy could help? Contrary to urban legend, root canals are designed to alleviate your pain, not cause more. By helping to remove any infected portions of a tooth, root canal therapy can often help save a badly damaged tooth, and help to restore your oral health as well. Plus, after treatment many dentists recommend being fit with a porcelain crown, which can help improve both the look and function of your smile. If you’re worried a cavity has progressed to something worse, the great news is that root canal therapy could help.

How Root Canals Work To Restore Your Smile

A root canal is used to save a tooth, by eliminating any infected portions and cleaning the area. It is then imperative to provide a protective barrier, in order to prevent reinfection. In many cases, this is done using a durable dental crown, which can make your smile look like it did prior to your dental problems, and will allow you to chew again without pain.

While root canal therapy is more invasive than some other restorative treatments, like simple tooth fillings, it is the best way to save a tooth once it has become infected. And since saving a tooth prevents more invasive requirements, like an extraction, which would then necessitate prosthetics, many patients are happy with the results of a root canal.

Plus, your dentist will use either anesthesia, sedation, or a combination of the two to help ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. So, there’s no reason to fear – or delay – a root canal.