Denture Adventure: Q And A

Denture Adventure: Q And A

Posted February 12, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

Pd Has your dentist recommended dentures? Are you feeling anxious about taking that step? Dentures can have a bad rap. When you were a kid and you saw dentures soaking in a cup on your grandparents night stand and freaked out, you feared the day you would ever have to get dentures. Not everyone will need dentures in their lifetime, but some people will, and if you are one learn more about dentures with our question and answer denture adventure below.

Q and A:

Q1: Why do I need dentures?

A1: Missing teeth can cause all sorts of problems. It can be difficult to talk, to eat healthy foods, your other teeth will begin to shift causing crooked teeth or misaligned teeth, and without a full set of teeth your facial muscles will sag.

Q2:  What if I am not missing all my teeth?

A2: If you are missing multiple teeth but not all your teeth, you may need a partial denture. Partial dentures replace only the teeth that are missing. They help prevent your adjacent teeth from shifting, restore your chewing function, and give you back your smile.

Q3: What if all my teeth are missing?

A3: If you are fully edentulous (toothless) on your upper or lower jaw, or throughout your whole mouth, then full dentures are in order. Full dentures replace all your upper and/or all your lower teeth. Full dentures will prevent your facial muscles from sagging, creating an aged look, and will restore your function and your smile.

Q4: What are implant dentures?

A4: Traditional dentures are kept in place using adhesives. Implant dentures are held in place by snapping onto mini-dental implants that are anchored into your jaw. They won’t slip, loosen, or wobble when eating or speaking.

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