Do You Have An Extra Bone In Your Mouth?

Do You Have An Extra Bone In Your Mouth?

Posted March 30, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental


You may have an extra bone in your mouth and not know it. If you do it is called a torus–a harmless, slow-growing bone. Tori is plural for torus. Tori vary in size and are often found via dental x-rays. Because Tori are harmless and usually don’t cause pain or other problems, they often go unnoticed. Do you have an extra bone in your mouth?


Questions and Answers about Tori

Question: Are tori cancerous?

Answer: No. In most cases tori are perfectly harmless. However, when people find them in their mouth’s they often fear that they have some type of cancer. Tori are not cancerous and they do not turn cancerous. Tori are simply benign bones covered with oral tissue. However, if a torus grows larger or is found in an unusual place in the mouth, a biopsy will be taken for safety measures. For instance, it would be considered unusual for a torus to grow on only one side of the lower jaw.

Question: Where in the mouth do you find them?

Answer: Different types of tori grow in different parts of the mouth. The tori that grow on the roof of the mouth are called tori palatini. Tori that grow on both sides of the inside of the lower jaw are called tori mandibular or lingual tori. Tori that grow on the outside of the upper molars (the side that faces the cheek) are called buccal exostoses.

Question: What are the symptoms of tori?

Answer: In most cases there are no symptoms. You can have a torus or tori and not be aware of it. However, in some cases tori palatini (the tori that grow on the roof of your mouth) can become irritated by certain foods such as hot pizza, or hard crusty bread. There may be times that large tori palatini and lingual tori can interfere with speech.

Question: Should I have my torus surgically removed?

Answer: Surgical removal is only recommended if you are receiving dentures. However, if a torus or tori are interfering with your daily life, they can be removed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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