Do You Know What You Can Gain From A Routine Checkup?

Do You Know What You Can Gain From A Routine Checkup?

Posted April 20, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

do you know what you can gain from a routine checkup Hopefully you do not need prompting to keep up with regular dental checkups. A routine trip to see your dentist every six months can have important preventive and restorative dental benefits. You can have ongoing problems treated with less hassle, and receive a cleaning from your hygienist to help keep issues from starting to develop. Even if you see your dentist regularly, you may not realize what services they can provide. You may not realize that some problems that your dentist can treat even fall under the umbrella of their field.

True Or False: Your Dentist Cannot Check Your Teeth And Your Gums In The Same Visit

False! The routine examination you receive at a dental checkup will include a full inspection of your mouth. This means that your teeth and gums will both receive a thorough review during your visit. You will also be screened for any indicators of serious issues, like oral cancer, during your exam.

True Or False: Your Dentist Can Find A Cavity Before It Causes Your Tooth To Hurt

True! A cavity that begins to develop on your enamel may not cause pain, but it still needs treatment. Your dentist can spot a small cavity during an inspection, and restore your tooth with a filling. Because of these frequent checks, your odds of needing a root canal are reduced.

True Or False: Your Dentist Can Help You Work Through Sleep Apnea Problems

True! With the help of your dentist, you can actually receive a form of sleep apnea treatment that does not require you to wear a CPAP machine while you sleep.