Following A Morning Routine That Benefits Your Smile

Following A Morning Routine That Benefits Your Smile

Posted April 2, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

By following practices that protect your smile against threats like tooth decay and gum disease, you can enjoy a better oral health experience overall. Your dentist is certainly capable of helping you sustain your smile, but professional dental care is only part of the formula for keeping healthy teeth. In fact, your efforts start practically the moment you wake up. Taking the time to care for your smile in the morning will help you avoid cavities, while also protecting your periodontal health. Of course, routine brushing and flossing will not be the only actions that influence your smile care, as many popular breakfast choices can impact your dental well-being.

Your Breakfast Choices Can Have A Real Impact Your Smile

What kind of breakfast do you tend to favor? This meal is commonly referred to as the most important of the day, but for many people, it is something to be crammed in before their commute to work. People who try to make quick work of breakfast may lean to heavily towards sugary cereals, pastries, or doughnuts. The higher sugar content in these items puts you in jeopardy of experiencing cavity troubles. Your beverage choices matter, too, as caffeinated brews like coffee and tea can leave your teeth discolored, and leave you seeking out professional whitening treatment.

Making Sure You Take Good Care Of Your Smile Each Morning

How much time do you take in the mornings to prepare for the rest of your day? If you feel rushed to make it to work on time, you may be tempted to breeze through your morning brushing session, or even to skip it altogether. Remember, failing to brush in the morning can leave your smile at the mercy of oral bacteria. Each time you skip brushing, you make it more likely that the plaque on your teeth will have time to harden to tartar, and resist future cleaning efforts.

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