Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions: Part 1

Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions: Part 1

Posted March 23, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

pillow When you’re a kid you actually look forward to losing your first tooth. It’s a celebratory occasion because when you lose your baby teeth you get permanent teeth, which means that you are growing up. There is another cool reason to lose your baby teeth. The Tooth Fairy brings you money. Did you know that the going rate for losing one baby tooth is $3.70? What happened to getting a quarter? The United States is not the only country with traditions for losing baby teeth. Read on to find out about some funky tooth fairy traditions.

The U.S.

Most people know about the tradition practiced in the U.S. of putting your baby tooth under your pillow and receiving money for it. This tradition is similar in most English speaking countries. However other countries have different traditions.

Other Countries

Spain: In Spain and other Hispanic cultures the tooth fairy is a mouse called Ratocinto Perez, Raton Perez, El Raton de Los Dientes (the mouse who collects teeth), or Perez Mouse. The children put their tooth under their pillow too, only Perez collects it and leaves a gift which is not always money.

Argentina: Instead of putting the tooth under their pillow they leave it in a glass of water so the thirsty mouse has something to drink.

South Africa: Instead of putting the tooth under their pillow they leave it in their slipper.

Asia: In some Asian countries, rather than put their tooth under their pillow, they toss it around. Traditionally, a tooth from the upper jaw gets tossed up onto the roof. A tooth from the lower jaw gets tossed onto or under the floor. As they toss it they wish for the tooth of a mouse. Find out why in part 2 of Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions.

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