Healthy Teeth for Halloween

Healthy Teeth for Halloween

Posted September 24, 2014 by Wager-Evans Dental

Trick or treat As you are stocking up your Halloween candy stash with miniature chocolate bars and tangy, fruity, chewy, sugary delights for all of the neighborhood children, you may be worried about the harmful effects of candy on your child’s teeth. While all sweets should be eaten in moderation, here are some tips from Reno dentistsDr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, for keeping your teeth healthy this Halloween while still enjoying this sweet tradition.

Prevent Acid Formation by Drinking Water

If handing your child a plastic pumpkin and walking them door-to-door next month has you worried about cavities, then you are right to be apprehensive. A main culprit for tooth decay, sugar not only attracts bacteria, but also combines with saliva in the mouth to form acid. Enamel erosion is the result of this acid formation, which can make your children’s teeth vulnerable to cavities and decay. Drinking water in between pieces of candy can rinse the mouth of acid formed from sugar. Additionally, a dry mouth is a better environment for bacteria; drinking plenty of water will keep your mouth hydrated.

Dark Chocolate Bunnies Are Better than Milk Chocolate Bunnies

We will not pretend eating 20 pieces of chocolate in one sitting is good for your child’s health; however, there are recent studies that suggest dark chocolate can be healthy for anyone’s smile. Tannins are natural substances found in the cocoa used to make dark chocolate. This substance made from tree bark or other fibers disrupts bacteria buildup in the mouth. Another benefit of dark chocolate is the antioxidants found in flavonoids and phenols which may protect your body from cancer and heart disease.

Trick or Floss

While almost everyone knows brushing your teeth is essential to proper oral hygiene, many people skip flossing. Dentists have been begging patients to floss for years because it is vital to complete oral health efforts. After binging on Halloween this October, remove the bacteria from between your child’s teeth and gums by flossing their smile. Wind about a forearm’s length of floss around your middle finger. Use your index finger and thumb to guide the floss between each tooth at different angles, or if you’re little one is old enough, teach them to do it themselves.

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