How Can I Stop Tartar From Hurting My Oral Health?

How Can I Stop Tartar From Hurting My Oral Health?

Posted March 23, 2018 by Wager-Evans Dental

A buildup of tartar puts you at a greater risk for worrying oral health threats. This stubborn concentration of bacteria and debris can make you more likely to suffer tooth decay, and to experience gum disease. If tartar has already formed on your smile, it will take a professional cleaning from your dentist to remove the accumulation. Fortunately, you will receive this cleaning as part of your routine preventive dental care, where any problems caused by tartar can be identified, and addressed. If you want to make sure you avoid tartar formation, make sure you practice effective oral hygiene habits on a daily basis.

What Kind Of Problems Can Tartar Cause For My Smile?

If tartar builds up at your gum line, you face a real risk for developing a periodontal infection. Patients who let their gums develop an advanced infection can suffer from serious oral health complications, including a risk for tooth loss! Tartar also puts you at risk for developing cavities.

Effectively Cleaning Your Teeth On A Daily Basis

If you clean your teeth effectively each day, you can significantly limit your risk for a buildup of tartar. Brushing for at least two minutes twice a day can help you keep bacteria and food debris from gathering. You should also take time to floss on a daily basis, to protect these spaces from plaque buildup.

Fighting Tartar With Professional Dental Care

Your hygienist can identify and remove tartar from your teeth during a routine cleaning session. Because you are not able to remove this substance on your own, it is important that you keep up with these appointments. Typically, a person should plan to see their dentist every six months.

Talk To Wager-Evans Dental About Issues With Tartar

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