How to Clean Your Partial Dentures

How to Clean Your Partial Dentures

Posted April 20, 2014 by Wager-Evans Dental

confident mature smile Do you sometimes reinsert your partial dentures without much of a second thought? Do you ever worry about germs that may be lurking because you are unsure if you are cleaning them thoroughly enough? Partial dentures are a highly-popular solution for replacing teeth that are lost in a nonadjacent pattern, but like all dental prostheses, their success relies on your diligent care and maintenance. Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans offer a few tips for taking better care of your partial dentures to help you keep your teeth and teeth replacements clean.

About Your Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to restore your smile when you’ve lost several or most, but not all, of your permanent teeth.  The custom-crafted replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base that matches the color of the gums, and is held in place with inconspicuous clasps around existing teeth. Unlike a dental bridge, partial dentures can be removed at any time, such as for cleaning and storage.

Gathering the Correct Supplies

  • Do not use everyday toothpaste on your dentures.  Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans can suggest a specific denture cleaner that won’t harshly damage the material (usually porcelain) of your replacement teeth.
  • Do not use household cleaners to clean your partial dentures. The chemicals may not be kind, and can pose a wealth of other risks if not thoroughly rinsed before being reinserted into your oral cavity.
  • Use a brush specifically designated for denture-cleaning.  These specially designed toothbrushes have bristles that can clean food debris and plaque deposits without affecting the look and feel of your dentures.

What to Do and When

  • After eating, rinse your dentures to remove small bits of food and debris.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your natural teeth.
  • Gently scrub your dentures once a day with a denture cleaner as mentioned above.
  • Soak the dentures overnight in water or a denture solution. If using a denture solution, be sure to fully rinse the dentures before placing them back into your mouth.
  • Schedule regular checkups and cleanings with Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans as often as they recommend for routine care and maintenance. They can also readjust your partial dentures as needed to maintain optimal comfort and function.


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