How You Can Help Your Kids Care for Their Teeth

How You Can Help Your Kids Care for Their Teeth

Posted October 29, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

Preventive Dentist's Tips for Tiny Teeth Every parent wants to help keep his or her kids healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of health factors are out of parental control. You can’t fully control what germs your kids are exposed to, for instance, or if they’ll be born predisposed to ear infections. Thankfully, when it comes to their smiles, there is actually a lot you can do, as a parent, to help keep your kids’ smiles healthy. From regular dental checkups with your preventive dentist, to a careful hygiene routine, there are plenty of steps you can take to help your kids develop lifelong good dental habits.

Create Good Habits, and Avoid Spreading Fear

First, from a young age, make toothbrushing a daily part of your kids’ routine. It helps if you introduce elements that can make it seem fun, such as letting them choose their own toothbrushes, or choosing a short song to play while they brush, which serves to both excite them and signal when they’ve brushed long enough.

You can also brush with and in front of your children, so they can learn proper technique by watching you. It also helps reinforce the idea that dental hygiene is for life; it’s not something you ask them to do but neglect yourself.

Since regular dental checkups are another important part of maintaining oral health, always speak positively about visiting the dentist. It’s not enough to tell them they’ll be fine at their next checkup. You should avoid talking about being afraid of your own appointment in front of them, as this can serve to create dental anxiety. (If you do suffer from dental anxiety, talk to your dentist about treatment options that can help keep you comfortable and calm, during both preventive and restorative care.)