Men: Take Better Care of Your Health!

Men: Take Better Care of Your Health!

Posted June 9, 2011 by Wager-Evans Dental

June is Men’s Health Month, and in past blog posts we’ve discussed the importance of regular dental checkups as well as the ties between gum disease and stroke. Dental health is an important part of your overall health, but you should focus on other aspects of your lifestyle as well. Drs. William Wager and Brian Evans, and the entire staff at Wager Evans Dental, want you to take care of yourself. Today, we will give you the information you need to keep your life on a healthy track.

Why You Should Care for Your Health

In general, men are more likely to neglect their health more than women. Men also die an average of five years earlier than women, and they have higher fatality rates for some of the biggest causes of death: heart disease, lung cancer, and colon cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), women in the United States are twice as likely as men to visit a health care professional for non-illness issues, such as medical screenings, education, and regular checkups. Though it’s not certain why men seek healthcare less often than women, it’s clear that men need to take better care of their health.

How You Can Maintain Your Health

Your daily habits and activities can either positively or adversely affect your health. You should especially consider:

  • Nutrition: Monitor your caloric intake carefully and be sure to properly balance the amount proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products in your diet. Consuming a diverse diet helps you absorb the proper nutrients. You might also want to take dietary supplements, especially if you have special health considerations or are older.
  • Activity level: Adults of a healthy weight should moderately exercise at least 30 minutes most days (in addition to your daily activity) to maintain a healthy weight and prevent disease. If you have weight or health issues, you should adjust your activity level according to physician recommendations.
  • Amount of sleep: Health experts recommend that adults sleep restfully between seven and eight hours per night. But most adults do not sleep enough, or their sleep isn’t restful. Sleep allows your body to recharge and your cells to regenerate. If you aren’t sleeping enough, or sleep is not restful for you, consult your physician.
  • Stress level: Even if your health is on-track in other ways, you probably experience some level of stress in your daily life. Some stress is healthy, because it keeps us motivated, but excessive stress can be detrimental to your health, and it might lead to a number of health issues, such as depression, sexual dysfunction, headaches, weight gain, and trouble sleeping. Engage in stress-reducing activities like, yoga, deep breathing, reading, and tai chi.
  • Healthcare visits: It is important to schedule six-month dental checkups and annual physicals and eye exams. Speak to your healthcare professionals about questions, concerns, and changes in your health. Talk to them about the amount of sleep you get per day, your diet, and your daily activity level. When you schedule exams for regular health maintenance, you can decrease the number of visits you need during the rest of the year. You will also be aware of any necessary health screenings based on your age, genetics, and medical history. Monitoring your health can help your doctors find existing conditions before they become serious and prevent future health issues.

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