Preventive Dentistry: You’ve Got This

Preventive Dentistry: You’ve Got This

Posted September 3, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

Winning with Preventive Dentistry Do you love the sense of accomplishment you feel after tackling a tough task? Are you energized by challenges, both at work and at home? If you love the rush of victory you feel when you’ve completed something, it is high time you schedule that dental visit you have delayed. Many people shift dental checkups to the proverbial backburner when life gets busy, but there are compelling reasons to attend regular checkups and cleanings. If you want to keep your smile healthy, stop putting off your next preventive dental visit.

Nothing to Fear

Routine dental checkups and cleanings can help to remove any plaque buildup that may have developed, but they are also a great chance for the dentist to warn you if there are any burgeoning problems. If you’re already experiencing heightened sensitivity, dental pain, or have noticed inflamed or bleeding gums, then you’re likely overdue for a visit and should schedule one immediately.

Daily at-home care is crucial too, but it’s no substitute for professional cleanings. That’s because once plaque has calcified it can only be removed through a professional cleaning. When plaque is left on the teeth it can lead to cavities, general decay and gum disease. The sooner the plaque is removed the more likely you are to prevent dental problems.

Most cleanings are minimally invasive and quick, but if you have a cavity or early signs of gum disease, you may require more extensive treatment.

Tooth fillings are often enough to restore a tooth after a cavity, especially if caught early. Left untreated, however, a cavity can cause the need for more drastic treatment, like a root canal. Crowns can also be used to help protect fragile teeth.