Quiz: How Cavities Are Treated – And Prevented

Quiz: How Cavities Are Treated – And Prevented

Posted June 30, 2017 by Wager-Evans Dental

Routine visits with your dentist will help you prevent cavities, and make sure you have prompt treatment for a problem whenever you need it. While preventive appointments certainly lower your risk for issues like tooth decay, they do, unfortunately, sometimes still occur. If you arrive with an issue that needs to be addressed, your dentist’s response will hinge on how serious the cavity is. When a cavity is caught early, you may only need a dental filling, but bigger cavities can demand more involved actions. With smart care and recurring appointments, you can do a better job staying free from those issues that involve more advanced restorative procedures.


True Or False: You only need your dentist’s help in dealing with a cavity when the state of decay has allowed bacteria to infect your tooth’s pulp.

True Or False: Fluoride will not help you prevent cavities, but make sure your toothpaste contains this mineral regardless.

True Or False: Dental crowns can offer protection for teeth that are too damaged to be reliably supported by a dental filling.

True Or False: Drinking more water will help you stay hydrated, and help you keep your mouth clean of debris – this will help you prevent cavities.


False! Once a cavity is formed, you will need restorative care, even when the damage is only affecting your enamel.

False! Fluoride actually will help you prevent cavities. The mineral encourages the regrowth process after damage, meaning you can be more likely to recover from small amounts of decay that could turn into a cavity.

True! Dental crowns are used as protection for teeth when dental fillings are not up to the job.

True! Drinking more water is one way to help protect yourself against cavities, particularly if your water source contains fluoride.

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