Quiz: Looking For Signs Of Trouble With Your Teeth And Gums

Quiz: Looking For Signs Of Trouble With Your Teeth And Gums

Posted August 9, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

quiz looking for signs of trouble with your teeth and gums When you take the time to clean your teeth, are you also taking time to review how your teeth, and your gums, look? These moments in your daily routine can be opportunities to watch out for problems, like gum disease. An infection that has afflicted your periodontal tissue may not make you feel different, but you can see visual indicators of poor health. Look for swelling, or redness of the tissue. Make a note of it if you seem to bleed more when you brush. A cavity may be harder to see, depending on its location, but if you develop pain in a tooth, talk to your dentist about your restorative treatment options.


True Or False: It’s easy to tell when you are dealing with the onset of gum disease, because it causes pain in your gums.

True Or False: A persistent toothache after a dental injury could mean that the tooth has suffered nerve damage.

True Or False: A dental crown is necessary when a cavity is too large for your tooth to be restored with a dental filling.


False! Gum disease can be spotted because of many symptoms, like swelling and redness, but your gums may not be painful at all.

True! Nerve damage to a tooth can be painful, and it needs a response from your dentist. A root canal procedure can remove damaged nerves, to help end the discomfort and protect your tooth.

True! A dental filling is effective at replacing lost dental material, but a larger cavity may take away too much dental material for the filling to be appropriate. A tooth under these conditions can be helped with a dental crown.