Reno NV Dentists Talk You Through Preventive Care

Reno NV Dentists Talk You Through Preventive Care

Posted October 3, 2013 by Wager-Evans Dental

dental cleaning It is much simpler to care for your teeth while they are healthy than it is to restore them to health when they become unhealthy. Thus, preventive care is very important when it comes to your oral health, which is why your Reno NV dentists, Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, have put together the following the following list.

Steps for a Healthy Mouth

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly and regularly. The goal in brushing your teeth is to remove harmful bacteria from them. These bacteria can damage teeth, causing cavities and eventually infections if they are not stopped. Thus, you should brush your teeth 2-3 times per day, taking care to clean all available surfaces of your teeth. When you brush, be sure to use gentle pressure as too much force can strip teeth of their enamel. Also, remember to angle the bristles of your toothbrush toward the gum line to lower your risk of gum disease.
  2. Don’t neglect flossing. Flossing is very important because it removes bacteria from areas that a toothbrush cannot access. Be sure to floss at least once a day and remember to glide the floss gently along the side of each tooth.
  3. Avoid sugarladen snacks. Sugar feeds bacteria, prompting them to give off an acid byproduct that can damage teeth. Thus, if you avoid sugar-laden snacks, you can avoid feeding the harmful bacteria in your mouth.
  4. Attend dental cleanings every six months. Dental cleanings are very important because they allow your teeth to be cleaned by a trained hygienist. Oftentimes, plaque and tartar can be difficult to remove with a toothbrush and floss alone. These substances, however, prove no match against the instruments wielded by a hygienist. He or she can scrape away plaque and tartar, thereby lowering your risks of gum disease and tooth decay.

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