School Physicals for Your Kids’ Mouths in Reno

School Physicals for Your Kids’ Mouths in Reno

Posted August 15, 2012 by Wager-Evans Dental

Though your kids may be on a year-round school schedule, fall is on the way, and with it comes thoughts of back-to-school for most of the nation. Along with an athletic physical for your young athlete, you should remember to book a semi-annual dental checkup. Not only will Dr. Wager or Dr. Evans evaluate your child’s dental health and development, our team can fashion a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect against dental injuries and reduce the risk of concussion during sports.

The Dental Checkup

Children age four and older should visit Wager Evans Dental for a complete dental checkup and cleaning twice a year, or every six months. At this appointment, our kid-friendly staff will help your children learn important techniques for effective brushing and flossing. We can also discuss healthy eating, alternatives to sports and energy drinks, and whether braces might be needed. The dentist will evaluate x-rays to identify development concerns or cavities below the gum line and between teeth. After a checkup, if gum disease isn’t present, your student will undergo a cleaning with one of our hygienists. This will involve removing built-up plaque and tartar from teeth, which will reduce the risk for cavities and gingivitis. The hygienist can recommend dental products that are best suited for your child, as well.

Athletic Mouthguards

Athletes of all ages and across all sports should wear a mouthguard during games and practice. Studies show, mouthguards protect teeth from injury and can reduce the risk for concussion. Most people know that a mouthguard is important for contact sports, like hockey, football, and rugby, but few understand that gymnasts, cyclists, and even weightlifters should wear a mouthguard. Accidents happen when you least expect, so protect your child’s teeth and health with comfortable, custom-fitted mouthguard.

Following Up at Home

As a responsible parent, you make sure your children attend six-month checkups and cleanings, and they wear a mouthguard when playing sports. Another imperative responsibility is making sure your kids practice a good oral hygiene regimen, day and night, at home. In the morning, your child or teen should brush for two minutes solid. Then, he should floss his teeth and rinse with fluoridated mouthwash. This same routine (with or without the flossing) should be practiced before bed. In addition, keep an eye on your children’s sugar intake, and limit acidic beverages like colas, sports drinks, and energy drinks. The best beverage is water. It balances oral pH and hydrates the body.

For more information on children’s dentistry, or to schedule checkups and cleanings for the smiles you love most, call Wager Evans Dental today at 775-829-7700. Our Reno dentist office serves families in and around the 89502 area.