Stay Away from a Mouth Full of Metal

If you had a cavity filled when you were younger, it’s extremely likely that it was filled with a dark, amalgam filling, which were initially developed from a combination of silver, zinc, copper, tin, and mercury. Over time, these fillings wear down and can start to deteriorate. Often, this deterioration can lead to leakage, which allows you to come in contact with these heavy-metal materials, which can be harmful to your health. This leakage can also lead to further tooth decay.

Traditional fillings are dark in color and, therefore, draw attention away from your otherwise bright, white smile. To avoid these cosmetic and health problems that are associated with amalgam fillings, we use metal-free composite resin to create dependable, natural-looking dental fillings.

Metal-free fillings will protect your oral health and keep your smile’s appearance intact. If you need to have a cavity filled, we will tint the composite resin so that your restoration blends in with your surrounding tooth structure. All-white fillings bond directly to your tooth, so your restoration is durable and functions just like a natural tooth would. These fillings also allow for less removal of healthy tooth, so they are a conservative treatment option for cavities and tooth decay.

We’re Dr. William Wager and Dr. Brian Evans, and we encourage you to call our office at (775) 800-4845 to make an appointment so that we can discuss transforming and restoring your smile with all-white fillings. Wager Evans Dental, conveniently located in Reno, Nevada, serves families from Spanish Springs, Sparks, Incline Village, Dayton, Fernley, and the surrounding areas.