Test Your Denture Knowledge

Test Your Denture Knowledge

Posted May 5, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

dentureoptions There was a time when people expected to lose their teeth as they aged and end up wearing dentures. Today with modern dental technology, new and improved dental materials, minimally invasive dental practices, and a variety of dental treatment options, people are keeping their teeth longer. Speaking of a variety of treatment options, there are several options if one was to need dentures. How much do you know about dentures if you were to need them in the future? Test your denture knowledge with our true or false quiz below.

True Or False?

1.   True or False: Dentures are one-size-fits-all.

2.    True or False: When you lose your teeth, especially several in one arch, your appearance and health can be negatively affected.

3.   True or False: Partial dentures are permanent.


1.   False: Dentures are fabricated to fit your mouth and blend with any remaining natural teeth. There are also different denture options including partial dentures, full dentures, and implant dentures.

2.   True: Dentures can help prevent your health and appearance from declining. When you lose your teeth your facial muscles can sag causing you to look older. Also, you lose the ability to eat a variety of healthy foods which can cause your health to suffer. Dentures can remedy both conditions by replacing missing teeth.

3.   False: Partial dentures can replace multiple teeth either in a row or at different areas of the same arch. Because they are removable more teeth can be added if necessary. There are also full dentures which replace all teeth in an arch. They too are removable. Implant dentures tend to be more stable because they snap onto mini-implant posts that are anchored into your jawbone.

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