The Importance Of A Root Canal In Saving A Tooth

The Importance Of A Root Canal In Saving A Tooth

Posted March 8, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

importance of a root canal in saving a tooth People tend to react unfavorably at the thought of root canal therapy. However, this is an important procedure that can save your tooth. When a cavity spreads to the pulp of your tooth, it can lead to quite a bit of discomfort. It may become painful, or you might notice swelling in your gums around the tooth. If you ignore the signs of an advanced cavity, it can actually spread through your tooth root and cause problems in your other teeth. It can also leave the tooth damaged to the point that it must be extracted.

A Root Canal Is Crucial For Treating An Advanced Cavity

An infection in the living tissue that resides in your pulp will not clear up without treatment. If an infection bores its way into the center of your tooth, a root canal is the only method of stopping its spread, other than removing the tooth. You should note that if a cavity is caught before entering your pulp, your dentist should be able to make the necessary restoration with a filling.

Other Situations That May Call For A Root Canal

In some cases, a physical injury can necessitate having root canal therapy. A crack that leaves your pulp exposed puts your tooth at risk for bacterial infection. A root canal can take care of this infection, and save you from losing the tooth completely.

Restoring Your Tooth After A Root Canal

Typically, you will be fitted with a dental crown after a root canal. The dental crown covers the tooth, providing the necessary strength to function, and hiding its depleted appearance. For teeth that are more visible, a porcelain crown can provide a natural-looking cover that does not detract from the overall appearance of your smile.