What Can Happen If You Ignore An Oral Health Problem?

What Can Happen If You Ignore An Oral Health Problem?

Posted June 2, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

what can happen if you ignore an oral health problem If you never seek treatment for it, a cavity will eventually kill your tooth. Smart, attentive at-home cleaning and care can prevent tooth decay, and even reverse the effects of damage on your enamel that can lead to a cavity. However, these efforts will not stop a developed cavity. Tooth decay is not the only condition that can demand dental intervention. Gum disease can develop over time, and can ultimately do serious harm to your oral health. Without a periodontal treatment from your dentist, you could face several complications from gum disease, including tooth loss.

Catch A Cavity Before You Need A Root Canal

What kind of procedure is necessary to take care of a cavity? Your dentist will not be able to answer that until the cavity has been examined. If an infection has made its way to your tooth’s pulp, a root canal will be called for. A root canal procedure enables your dentist to remove infected tissue within your tooth, where there is living tissue. Without this treatment, a cavity will kill your tooth, and can continue its spread by traveling down the root. If you have a cavity taken care of before a root canal is necessary, you may only need a filling after your tooth has been treated.

Stop Gum Disease Before It Takes A Serious Toll On Your Oral Health

Gum disease develops when bacteria under your gum line begin to cause problems. One issue is inflammation – your gum tissue can appear swollen. It may also look red. In advanced stages, a periodontal infection will start to do consequential tissue damage. An infection in its early stages is considerably easier to manage.