Restoring Your Smile When You Have Several Dental Issues

If you need to do something about a cavity, you can schedule an appointment for the necessary restorative dental care. If you need to do something about several dental problems, you may be intimidated by the level of care you assume your smile requires. This is particularly true if you are dealing with advanced tooth decay, or other dental problems, like tooth loss. Fortunately, your dentist is prepared to work with you to address many different problems. Our practice proudly provides comprehensive dental care, meaning you and your dentist can create a plan for restoring your smile, and you can enjoy that care all under the same roof!  Continue reading “Restoring Your Smile When You Have Several Dental Issues”

How Long Will It Take To Make Notable Smile Changes?

When you look at your smile, and picture how you would like your smile to look after addressing dental flaws, you may imagine a considerable time gap between the present, and that vision. This can be especially true if you are interested in making many different changes. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures are able to make considerable changes in relatively little time. One way your dentist can help is by placing porcelain veneers on your teeth. When veneers are used to make cosmetic corrections, you can have a smile makeover complete over the course of just two appointments. Our practice is proud to offer many cosmetic procedures, and we can help you make sure you have the opportunity to show off a smile that you are truly excited to share! Continue reading “How Long Will It Take To Make Notable Smile Changes?”

A Brighter Smile May Be More Attainable Than You Think

When you think about the perfect smile, you may do what many people do and concentrate on the color. A bright, white set of teeth can make you look more attractive, and healthier. It can also cause others to see you as more successful, and better off overall. Unfortunately, our daily diets and habits make it all too easy to accumulate stains. If you are bothered by the way that your smile has become dull or discolored, it may be the right time to discuss cosmetic dental work with your dentist. You may be surprised at the convenience of a professional whitening treatment. You can have dramatic results after just one appointment, or just take home a whitening kit and make positive changes on your own time. Continue reading “A Brighter Smile May Be More Attainable Than You Think”

Address A Conspicuous Dental Flaw With Cosmetic Work

If you look at your smile and see a flaw that stands out, you can become frustrated when you realize just how much attention a single issue can attract. Cosmetic dental work can have a great effect for patients who are looking to enjoy a smile makeover. What you might not realize is how effective a procedure can be for addressing an isolated tooth flaw. With a bonding and contouring procedure, you can make a tooth that stands out fit in with the rest of your smile by correcting problems with discoloration, as well as shape and size flaws. You can be excited to find out that many people will have this procedure completed in just one visit!  Continue reading “Address A Conspicuous Dental Flaw With Cosmetic Work”

Remember These 3 Things If You Have An Injured Tooth

We often think of tooth problems as being about oral health – for instance, a healthy tooth versus one that is experiencing a cavity. What you should know is that you should be mindful of how physical trauma can affect your smile, too. When you experience a physical injury, it can have negative effects for the tooth’s appearance, and its health. A tooth injury may cause distress, but you can be reassured in the knowledge that your dentist is ready to provide help. In fact, modern restorative dental care can make it possible to address the problem, and restore your tooth’s appearance.  Continue reading “Remember These 3 Things If You Have An Injured Tooth”

Fitting In Cosmetic Dental Work Before Your Big Event

When you have an important life event looming on your calendar, you can take many different steps to prepare yourself for it. Something like an upcoming wedding, or job interview, can make you focus on any problems you have with your smile – fortunately, cosmetic dental work can help. In fact, you may be able to enjoy real cosmetic changes in less time than you realize. In some cases, patients who want to do something about dental flaws can have their work completed in just one appointment. If you are interested in valuable improvements your dentist can make in relatively little time, a bonding and contouring treatment may be right for you.  Continue reading “Fitting In Cosmetic Dental Work Before Your Big Event”

3 Questions You Might Want To Ask About Veneers

If you want to make improvements to your smile, you may be thinking of how cosmetic dental work can help. Of course, knowing that you want to make a change is not the same as knowing exactly what kind of care you would like your dentist to provide. For many individuals, porcelain veneers are capable of making remarkable improvements, providing changes to the color, shape, and in some cases even the apparent alignment of teeth. How can you figure out if veneers are right for you? This is a question your dentist can help with – you can learn how veneers might affect you during a consultation. However, useful general information can help you feel more confident in your first step to making real cosmetic changes!  Continue reading “3 Questions You Might Want To Ask About Veneers”

Professional Smile Improvement From An At-Home Whitening Kit

If you want to see truly impressive results from cosmetic dental work, you might assume you have to undergo treatment at your dentist’s office. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually make big changes to the color of your smile from a take-home whitening kit provided by your dentist. You can take home a kit that includes professional whitening agents, and a special appliance to evenly apply this material. When you perform the treatments at home, you can end up with a smile that is many shades brighter than before! This is one of several options you can enjoy from your dentist when you want to improve your smile’s appearance. Continue reading “Professional Smile Improvement From An At-Home Whitening Kit”

Making Arrangements To Undergo Bonding And Contouring Work

People who want to make smile improvements can be amazed at how much value the right procedure can offer. Your dentist can help you deal with a range of problems that might be affecting how you look. In fact, you may be happy to learn that you can make many improvements in as little as one appointment, thanks to the dental bonding and contouring work your dentist can perform. These treatments can correct flaws like discoloration, as well as problems with the shape or size of a problem tooth. Because there is no need to wait for a restoration created from a dental lab, it can be easier to make real cosmetic dental improvements before an important upcoming event. Continue reading “Making Arrangements To Undergo Bonding And Contouring Work”

Finding Out If Veneers Can Correct Your Smile Flaws

Will your dentist be able to make improvements to your appearance through cosmetic dental work? How many procedures will it take to fully address the problems that impact the condition of your teeth? Patients who want to make esthetic improvements to their smile can be excited to learn how effective porcelain veneers can be at correcting flaws. A custom set of veneers will be created specifically for your teeth. Once they are ready, and in your dentist’s possession, you can go in to have them permanently placed. Once they are in position, they can hide problems with the shape, size, and color of your teeth. Because they are permanently in position, veneers are constructed with durability in mind. When you practice proper care, you can enjoy improvements that last for many years. Continue reading “Finding Out If Veneers Can Correct Your Smile Flaws”