Developing A Plan For Full Mouth Reconstruction

Developing A Plan For Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted March 2, 2016 by Wager-Evans Dental

developing a plan for full mouth reconstruction A comprehensive dentist can work with you on a range of services. If you are in need of multiple treatments to fully restore your oral health, a comprehensive dentist can help arrange a plan of action, and perform the necessary services. It is not uncommon for people who have left dental problems unaddressed to need advanced care to fully restore their smile. You can work out a plan to restore teeth that need immediate attention, as well as plan a means of improving the appearance of your smile.

Restoring Your Oral Health Is The Immediate Priority

Any active tooth decay will need to be addressed before your dentist can approach cosmetic issues with your smile. In some cases, a cavity may be small enough so that your tooth can be restored with a filling. An untreated cavity can kill your tooth, and the bacteria can spread from your tooth via the root, and cause further health problems.

Confronting Issues That Inhibit Your Oral Health

If you are dealing with afflictions like bruxism or TMJ problems, you can experience persistent discomfort. As part of your full mouth reconstruction, your dentist can help alleviate these conditions.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Attain An Attractive Smile

After you have received treatment for ongoing issues, you and your dentist can prepare a course of action to help you enjoy an attractive smile. Porcelain veneers can mask problems with the appearance of your teeth by hiding physical flaws, or flaws with the color of your teeth. Because veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth, your dentist will need to verify that your teeth are healthy enough to receive them.