Easy Ways To Refresh Your Smile

Easy Ways To Refresh Your Smile

Posted March 11, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

thwh Are you thinking of a smile makeover but don’t have the time or money for complex procedures? There are a variety of dental treatments available today that run the gamut from involved and expensive to quick, easy, and less expensive. If you’re thinking of updating your smile but wish there were simple and easy ways that won’t break the bank, then your wish has come true. In today’s blog we discuss some easy ways to refresh your smile.

Brighten Your Smile

At Wager Evans Dental we offer in-office or take-home whitening systems that can lighten your teeth up to 8 to 10 shades. You won’t get that from over-the-counter whitening kits, toothpastes, or mouthwashes. They can be effective but not to that degree. In-office whitening is quick and easy as it can be done in under an hour. For more gradual whitening you can brighten your smile from home with a custom-fit, take-home whitening system. Coffee, tea, and other food and beverage stains can darken your teeth. According to research a bright smile has numerous advantages.

Certain stains may not respond to tooth whitening such as tetracycline stains or fluorosis. In such cases you might consider porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding.

Bonding and Contouring

A fast, effective, and inexpensive solution to a number of cosmetic issues including chips, gaps, misshapen, and discolored teeth, cosmetic bonding can be done in one visit. Composite resin material can be painted on your teeth or used in putty form to fill gaps and chips. It blends with natural dentition and can last years.

Contouring and bonding are both minimally invasive dental procedures. Contouring consists of gently removing minor imperfections such as pits and jagged edges, and/or reshaping misshapen, too long, or overlapping teeth.

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