Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions: Part 2

Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions: Part 2

Posted March 25, 2015 by Wager-Evans Dental

toothfairy It is not surprising that young children don’t mind losing their baby teeth. Not only does it mean that they aren’t babies anymore, but they get money! The going rate today is $3.70 per tooth. Not bad huh? Our first installment of Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions included South Africa, Asia, Spain, and the USA.  In Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions: Part 2 we revisit Asia and talk about the Middle East, France, and Mongolia.


Asia: As mentioned in Part 1 of Funky Tooth Fairy Traditions, some Asian countries toss their tooth on the roof or floor while making a wish for the tooth of a mouse. Why wish for the tooth of a mouse? Mice, gerbils, rats, and other rodents have teeth that continually grow. To a child, requesting a tooth that continually grows makes sense when they start losing their teeth.

Middle Eastern Countries: In Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt children throw their teeth in the air, too. However, rather than throwing them onto the roof or floor they throw them up to the sky. It’s likely that this tradition dates back to the 13th century.

France: Similar to other countries, when French children lose their teeth they put them under their pillow and wait for the French tooth mouse, La Bonne Petite Souris to replace it with money or sweets (sweets…how ironic).

Mongolia: There are two traditions that children follow in Mongolia. If there is a dog around they stick the tooth in fat and feed it to the dog. They believe that by doing this, their permanent teeth will be as strong as dogs’ teeth. No dog? Then they bury it by the trunk of a tree so that the new tooth will have strong roots.

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