Order CloSYS and have improved oral health with the click of a button!

At Wager Evans Dental, we make your oral health our top priority. That’s why we recommend the CloSYS oral health care system to our patients.

CloSYS products are designed to work together to kill germs at the source, while making your mouth cleaner and healthier. Brushing with CloSYS toothpaste, rinsing with CloSYS oral rinse instead of water, and using CloSYS oral spray between brushings is the optimal system for oral health.

We specifically believe in the power Cloristan, the CloSYS oral rinse product. This powerful, patented ingredient kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 10 seconds. Cloristan is completely safe, as it is made from stabilized chlorine dioxide, an effective antibacterial agent that is considered to be one of the safest ingredients used in the health care industry.

You do not need a prescription to use CloSYS. In fact, you can order the products by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Wager Evans Dental website.

We invite you to call our dental office in Reno, Nevada at (775) 800-4845 if you have any questions about the CloSYS system or your oral hygiene in general. We look forward to hearing from you!