Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Studies show that by age 74, 26% of adults are missing all of their teeth. Proper dental care, including proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, can prevent tooth loss. But if you have already lost your teeth, it poses a threat to your health and appearance. Without all of your teeth, you are not able to chew a balanced, healthy diet and your facial muscles sag, which can age you by decades. You might also have difficulty speaking, which can hold back your social life and career. If you still have some teeth left, the remaining teeth could shift or even be lost as well. Dentures from Dr. William Wager or Dr. Brian Evans, Reno, NV, dentists, can replace your teeth, restoring function and beauty to your smile.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing many, but not all, of your teeth, partial dentures can replace multiple teeth on the upper or lower arch. Partial dentures fill spaces between teeth so that your smile looks and functions like natural teeth. Normally, partials attach to adjacent teeth with inconspicuous clasps. Continue reading “Dentures Can Restore Your Smile”