The “Discover Your Parks” Walks Will Begin This April

There are many attractive parks in the Reno area that deserve your attention. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right time to go out and explore these spaces. The Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation can help motivate you to explore the area through the Discover Your Parks Walks. Starting this April, there will be a weekly exploration of the different parks in Washoe County. Each trip should take a little more than an hour. During your trek, you will have a chance to take a close look at these lovely stretches of land, while also learning more about them from your guide! If you are a seasoned explorer of nature in Reno, or if you want to start seeing more of them, these walks can be the ideal experience. Continue reading “The “Discover Your Parks” Walks Will Begin This April”

Take Part In Reno’s Biggest Little Half Marathon/10K/5K

On Saturday, April 14, you can put your running skills to the test at Reno’s Biggest Little Half Marathon/10K/5K! This race offers three different course lengths, allowing you to choose the distance you feel comfortable with. All three of the races will begin under the historic Reno Arch, and each track will take you through a scenic tour of the Reno area. This is a great test of your endurance, and a terrific way to see more of the city! After you cross the finish line, you may find that you have won one of the many awards begin given out during the race. The race will also provide a finisher’s medal to everyone who participates, as well as a shirt.  Continue reading “Take Part In Reno’s Biggest Little Half Marathon/10K/5K”

Take In The Spectacle Of Jurassic Quest April 6-8

From Friday, April 6 through Sunday, April 8, the Reno-Sparks Convention Center will play host to Jurassic Quest! This three day event will allow guests to roam a space filled with dinosaurs built to the correct scale, meaning you can be surrounded by these creatures at their full height. Guests will be able to explore three different periods – the Cretaceous, the Jurassic, and the Triassic. In each area, you can see models of dinosaurs that have been created with incredible detail. In addition to highly realized models, there will be many fun dino-themed games and activities for guests to take part in. Continue reading “Take In The Spectacle Of Jurassic Quest April 6-8”

Enjoy A FREE Series On Gardening In Reno!

Sometimes, the right garden is what it takes to make a house truly feel like home. Every region can present its own challenges when it comes to sustaining a crop of plants, and Reno is certainly no exception to this. Gardening In Nevada: The Bartley Ranch Series offers residents guidance on a number of different gardening topics, with a focus on addressing the needs of plants in our area. Every Tuesday in March, a different topic will be explored, to cover a range of interests. These FREE classes are supported in part by Washoe County Regional Parks And Open Space. Continue reading “Enjoy A FREE Series On Gardening In Reno!”

Outrun The Leprechaun In Reno’s Leprechaun Race Event

Are you fast enough to outrun the leprechaun? At Reno’s Leprechaun Race, you can find out! This annual race, in its sixth year, invites active and casual runners to take part in a course that starts, and ends, at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. When all of the participants have had their chance to gain a head start, the “leprechaun” of the race will join. If you can finish before he does, you can win a special prize! For every person the leprechaun beats, more money will be added to a donation to the Discovery Museum. The Reno Leprechaun Race encourages people in the area to take part in a fun, invigorating event for a good cause. Of course, since the event is part of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, you can certainly show up wearing green! Continue reading “Outrun The Leprechaun In Reno’s Leprechaun Race Event”

Enjoy Animal Ark’s Winter Weekend Feb 17-18

On Saturday, February 17, and Sunday, February 18, you and your family can see how the animals at Animal Ark live in the wintertime. The Wild Winter Weekend gives you a chance to see how nature affects the habits, and even the appearance, of the wildlife in the area. You can take in the sight of these different animals cavorting in their own winter wonderland, and learn more about their behaviors, and their environment. Animal Ark offers Reno families a chance to enjoy an opportunity to safely watch animals in an environment where they are comfortable, and to learn more about them, and their habitats. Inclement weather may affect Animal Ark’s ability to open up to the public. Continue reading “Enjoy Animal Ark’s Winter Weekend Feb 17-18”

The Reno Ice Rink’s Season Ends February 11

Throughout this 2017-2018 season, the Reno Ice Rink has offered Reno families a great opportunity to enjoy an invigorating, fun time out on the ice. Unfortunately, this current season is drawing to a close, as the final day of operation is Sunday, February 11. Until that day arrives, you can still enjoy plenty of fun gliding across the rink, and enjoying special events like Character Days, featuring special visits from figures in pop culture. The rink will provide skating hours every day until the season concludes. Continue reading “The Reno Ice Rink’s Season Ends February 11”

See The Nevada Art Museum’s Scholastic Art Award Winners

On Friday, February 2, the Nevada Art Museum will hold a special opening reception for its Scholastic Art Awards Gold Key Exhibition series. This series celebrates the talent and creativity found among Nevada students, and the exhibit will highlight top pieces submitted for review. The reception and exhibition opening will be FREE to attend, and you can enjoy a first look at these award-winning pieces. The exhibition is scheduled to be on display from February 2 until Sunday, March 4. All works that received Gold Key awards are automatically entered into national competition in the Scholastic Art Awards. Continue reading “See The Nevada Art Museum’s Scholastic Art Award Winners”

Bring Your Family To The Shrine Circus March 2-4

From Friday, March 2 through Sunday, March 4, families in and around the Reno area can enjoy the spectacle of the Shrine Circus! The Kerak Shriners will bring a host of exotic animals and talented performers, and are sure to provide exciting, surprising entertainment throughout the event. The event is used to raise funds for the philanthropic project, the Shriners Hospital For Kids. You and your family can take in an amazing spectacle, and help support the community. Acrobats, clowns, elephants, and an assortment of tasty treats await Reno residents who show up to support the show. Continue reading “Bring Your Family To The Shrine Circus March 2-4”

Enjoy Reno’s “Come In From The Cold” Family Event Series

It can be hard to find opportunities for fun in January, just because the weather can be so formidably cold. However, Reno’s “Come In From The Cold” event series aims to give Reno families a good reason to escape the house, and the frosty atmosphere. Starting Saturday, January 13, there will be a weekly concert at Bartley Ranch Regional Park, which will welcome a variety of different musical acts. These ongoing shows will give you and your family plenty of reasons to brave the cold! A suggested donation of $3 is requested from attendees. These donations help to support this, as well as other park programs. Continue reading “Enjoy Reno’s “Come In From The Cold” Family Event Series”