Taking Action Against A Persistent Toothache

A persistent toothache is more than just a nuisance – it can indicate that an issue with your tooth needs to be addressed. Many people suffer tooth pain because that tooth has developed what is known as an endodontic issue, which means it is experiencing an internal problem. This can happen when a cavity has grown to the point that bacteria has been able to infect the living tissue within your tooth. A root canal treatment can put a stop to this problem, and eliminate related tooth pain. If you ignore pain or sensitivity, you can face a risk for suffering a potentially serious dental issue. Continue reading “Taking Action Against A Persistent Toothache”

Take Tooth Pain Seriously

take tooth pain seriouslyIf you felt a pain in your tooth, how quickly would you reach out to your dentist for treatment? If you make your oral health a lower priority, or just hope that a problem will go away on its own, you could develop a real problem. Tooth pain could stem from a cavity that has infected the living tissue in your tooth. This is serious, as that infection can do irreparable damage to the tooth, and continue to spread beyond it if you do not receive a root canal. If you feel lingering pain after a tooth injury, it could mean that the nerves in your tooth are damaged, and need treatment. Continue reading “Take Tooth Pain Seriously”

Quiz: How Do I Repair a Chipped Tooth?


Have you ever suffered a chipped tooth? Our teeth can become damaged due to injury, possibly from playing sports or even biting down on a piece of ice or hard candy. What do you do when faced with a broken tooth? Dr. Evans and Dr. Wager explain how to address a damaged tooth and discuss our restorative treatment options.

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FAQs: Why Do We Get Toothaches?


Have you ever experienced a toothache? An aching tooth can range from mild irritant to serious discomfort. What causes a toothache to occur in the first place? By understanding the common causes of toothaches, and what you can do to potentially avoid them, you can enjoy a healthier, happier smile.

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How to Cure a Toothache

attractive woman with severe toothacheThere are many ways to describe a toothache, and if you’ve ever had one, then you probably know that most (if not all) of them are far from positive. For some, a toothache may be no more than a frequent nuisance, while for others, it can be the most excruciating discomfort they’ll ever experience. Even if you can stand your tooth’s sensitivity, you shouldn’t ignore it, since it may indicate a problem that could grow worse with time. Instead, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans advise seeking treatment as soon as possible to address the cause of your toothache. Continue reading “How to Cure a Toothache”