3 Things You Should Do If Your Filling Falls Out

Posted June 28, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 90% of American adults have had at least one cavity in their lifetime. Most of the time, these cavities will be fixed with a filling from your dentist in Reno. While dental fillings are tough restorations, there is a chance that they can fail or (more…).

How Sports Drinks Can Damage Teeth 

Posted June 14, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

As the weather warms up and we’re spending more time outside in the heat, we tend to get thirstier than normal. Many of us may turn to our favorite sports drinks to rehydrate after a day in the sun or after a tough workout. While these beverages can help replace lost electrolytes due to sweating, (more…).

Is Tooth Discoloration Bad? 

Posted May 25, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

If you notice that your teeth aren’t quite as white as they used to be, or if there’s a sudden appearance of brown, yellowish, or black spots, you have every right to be concerned. After all, we all want to have bright, white smiles we’re proud to show off. But if your smile is less (more…).

Allergies & Cavities

Posted May 18, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

Pollen counts are high, eyes are itchy, noses are drippy, and sinuses everywhere are stuffy. It’s allergy season, and even though allergies don’t directly cause cavities, allergies can still be concerning for your dentist in Reno. In fact, the way our bodies react to allergens can put us at increased risk for decay and other (more…).

Does Acid Reflux Cause Cavities?

Posted April 29, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

Acid reflux is a condition that originates in the stomach, but that doesn’t mean it can’t affect other parts of the body. In fact, acid reflux is one of many whole-body problems that concern your dentist in Reno because of the negative way it can impact your oral health. Let’s take a closer look at (more…).

3 Tips for a Picture-Perfect (or Zoom-Perfect) Smile

Posted April 19, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

As much of the world has transitioned from in-person meetings to Zoom meetings, people have all of a sudden started looking at themselves way more than they ever did before. While video meetings such as Zoom can be a great help in today’s confusing world, it can be uncomfortable staring at yourself day in and (more…).

What Causes Gingivitis?

Posted March 29, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that affects nearly 75% of Americans at some point in their lives. Usually, when gum disease is caught in this stage it can be treated and any damage can be reversed. But if it’s left alone it can quickly progress into more severe stages of gum disease and (more…).

Healthy Nutrition: Fuel Your Body, Protect Your Smile

Posted March 17, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

Eating a well-balanced diet, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, can go a long way in reducing the risk of serious health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Yet according to the CDC, less than 10% of American adults are getting enough vegetables and only 12% are eating the recommended amount of fruits. (more…).

Why Does My Tooth Hurt? 

Posted February 25, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

Waking up with tooth pain is a feeling like no other. The throbbing zings of pain can make it nearly impossible to think about anything else other than getting relief. Tooth pain can be an indicator of a serious problem and you should see your dentist in Reno for any toothache that doesn’t go away. (more…).

Don’t Let Stress Damage Your Teeth

Posted February 15, 2021 by Dr. Brian Evans

The past year or so has been… interesting, to say the least. With lockdowns, working from home, schooling from home, and everything in between, it’s only normal to feel more stressed than usual. But during these times of increased stress, it’s more important than ever to take care of your health. After all, stress can (more…).