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The Scope of Cosmetic Dentistry

How you feel about your smile can strongly influence how you feel about yourself in general. If you hide your smile because you’re embarrassed by imperfections, your lack of self-confidence can show in your overall demeanor. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetic aspects of your smile, erasing imperfections to let your natural, beautiful smile… Read more »

Is Chewing Gum Good For Your Teeth?

It’s lurking underneath classroom desks, hiding under the bus seats, and strewn about parking lots, waiting silently for its victims. Whether or not it is inside your mouth, chewing gum has a bad reputation. That’s why you may be surprised to find that your Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans actually encourage chewing gum—under… Read more »

Helping Patients Feel at Ease with Comfortable Dentistry in Reno

At Wager Evans Dental we believe patient comfort should be a top priority with dental care. After all, if you feel welcomed and relaxed at your dental appointment you will be more likely to return for regular dental cleanings, maintaining optimal oral health. Our Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans offer dental care focused… Read more »