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Dental Sedation Can Make Oral Care More Comfortable

For anxious patients, the idea of dental care can have the potential to cause discomfort. If you suffer from this problem, you may put off necessary trips to the dentist to have a problem examined, or you might find yourself avoiding routine dental appointments. This has the unfortunate effect of putting you in a situation… Read more »

Dental Sedation Can Make Restorative Care Easier To Undergo

How can you avoid discomfort when you need to undergo a restorative dental treatment? Modern care has improved the patient experience, helping to make these procedures more comfortable. One way your dentist can help is by providing you with dental sedation. With the appropriate sedative, you can feel more at ease throughout restorative work. Many… Read more »

The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

There are times when everyone fears the dentist. However, some people fear the dentist more than others. Some people fear the dentist so much that they just do not bothering going. Those people may, unfortunately, develop dental disease that can lead to tooth loss. Today, there are several ways dentists try to make their patient’s… Read more »

Dr. Evans and Dr. Wager Combine Comfort And Technology

Dr. Evans and Dr. Wager want you to feel comfortable while visiting our dental office. Our team understands that nearly 40 million Americans experience some form of anxiety during their lifetime, which is why we strive to provide calm and relaxing dental care. Our office permeates with friendliness and offers professional first-class care to all… Read more »

Helping Patients Feel at Ease with Comfortable Dentistry in Reno

At Wager Evans Dental we believe patient comfort should be a top priority with dental care. After all, if you feel welcomed and relaxed at your dental appointment you will be more likely to return for regular dental cleanings, maintaining optimal oral health. Our Reno dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans offer dental care focused… Read more »