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Oral Cancer Screening in Reno

Taking care of your oral health is about more than cavities and gingivitis. At every dental checkup with our Reno dentists, you can expect that we take preventive dentistry seriously. Not only will our dentists, Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans scour your mouth for signs of tooth decay and gum disease, but also symptoms of… Read more »

What is the Importance of Fluoride?

You have probably heard throughout your life that fluoride is good for your teeth but you may not know why.  There are proven benefits to using fluoride in dentistry and daily oral care. Dr. William Wager and our staff at Wager Evans Dental have composed answers to some frequently asked questions below about fluoride. What… Read more »

Healthy Teeth for Kids

Our team at Wager Evans Dental wants to help you establish healthy dental habits with your children. Dr. William Wager likes to pay special attention to his younger patients and keep them on the right track for a lifetime of healthy smiles! Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about childhood dental health. Q:… Read more »

What Holiday Comes After Thanksgiving?

Yes, this is a trick question. The day after Thanksgiving is National Flossing Day, and Drs. Wager and Evans encourage you to participate. It’s perfect planning, actually. What better day to schedule a national flossing event than Black Friday? Here are five prime reasons you need to floss on National Flossing Day. You eat and… Read more »

The Truth About Dental X-Rays

Of the following, which activities or objects expose you to radiation? Living in a brick house Flying in an airplane Eating Cooking with natural gas Having an x-ray Reading a book for 3 hours a day Living on planet Earth Sleeping next to another person Smoke detectors

Athletic Mouthguards

The Super Bowl is over. So now that means an end to football season right? Wrong. Many high schools and colleges start spring training to prepare for the fall season. While the athletes may not be in full dress, they are wearing protective gear including their mouthguards.

Going to the dentist is fun!

A fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears among Americans. It is also the number 1 reason why people don’t have their teeth checked and cleaned regularly. This can be detrimental to your oral health, as well as your overall health.

We know you don’t want your kids to be one of these people. We’re Dr. Brian Evans and Dr. William Wager, and as family dentists, we take the health of your kids’ smiles as seriously as you do.