How to Clean Your Partial Dentures

confident mature smileDo you sometimes reinsert your partial dentures without much of a second thought? Do you ever worry about germs that may be lurking because you are unsure if you are cleaning them thoroughly enough? Partial dentures are a highly-popular solution for replacing teeth that are lost in a nonadjacent pattern, but like all dental prostheses, their success relies on your diligent care and maintenance. Dr. Wager and Dr. Evans offer a few tips for taking better care of your partial dentures to help you keep your teeth and teeth replacements clean. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Partial Dentures”

Dentures for Patients Who Still Have Some Teeth

embarrassed older lady covering smileThough dentures have been around for much of dentistry’s history, they’ve traditionally been useful only to patients who’ve lost all of their teeth on the upper or lower dental ridge. Patients who still had one or two teeth weren’t eligible for dentures, and often had to extract the teeth that remained before receiving their replacements. Modern dentures do more than replace lost teeth; they also help add fullness to sagging facial muscles that were once supported by your lost teeth, and restore your ability to bite, chew, and smile with confidence. These days, partial dentures can also be custom-designed to help patients who’ve still retained some of their natural teeth without having to wait for them to fall out, too. Continue reading “Dentures for Patients Who Still Have Some Teeth”