Should You Be Worried About The Condition Of Your Enamel?

Our teeth enjoy considerable protection thanks to their enamel. Enamel keeps them safe when you bite and chew, and the substance is able to resist damage caused by oral bacteria, up to a point. Unfortunately, because enamel does not consist of living cells, breakage can be permanent. However, physical trauma is not the only issue you should worry about when it comes to keeping your enamel safe. Wear and tear over time can cause layers of your enamel to erode. This can make it harder for you to keep your teeth safe from cavities, as they will have less protection. This loss of enamel can also lead to cosmetic dental troubles, as your smile may appear duller. Continue reading “Should You Be Worried About The Condition Of Your Enamel?”

Is Your Diet Making Trouble For Your Teeth?

As Halloween approaches, you may not want to think about how all the sugar in your favorite candy treats can affect your oral health. Unfortunately, cavities can occur at any time of year. When you have too much sugar in your diet, you put yourself in a situation where bacteria on your teeth will produce more harmful acids, which eat into your enamel. The tooth decay that results can call for restorative dental care to stop potentially serious harm. Of course, candy is only one source of sugar in a person’s diet. When you put the proper attention towards your diet, you can reduce your risk for oral health problems, and protect your smile. Continue reading “Is Your Diet Making Trouble For Your Teeth?”

Habits To Avoid If You Want To Keep Healthy Teeth

habits to avoid if you want to keep healthy teethThe services available from your dentist to keep your mouth healthy can be vital. If you are smart about your daily habits, you can reduce the level of dental assistance you need to preserve a healthy mouth. While there are no routine behaviors that can replace your dentist’s services, there are behaviors you can avoid to limit your risks. Certain foods and beverages can be more likely to create cavities than others. If you smoke or use chewing tobacco, you can be at risk for several issues. Continue reading “Habits To Avoid If You Want To Keep Healthy Teeth”

Comprehensive Dentistry Can Offer Full Mouth Reconstruction

comprehensive dentistry can restore your oral healthFor people with severe or prolonged oral health problems, a single procedure can be insufficient to fully treat their ongoing issues. A practice that offers comprehensive dentistry can perform a range of treatments to restore your oral health, and can provide replacements for lost teeth. A healthy, attractive smile can be crucial to your self-confidence, and the health of your teeth and gums can have significant effects on your overall health. With comprehensive dentistry, you can have a full mouth reconstruction that provides essential improvements to your health, and to the esthetic quality of your smile. Continue reading “Comprehensive Dentistry Can Offer Full Mouth Reconstruction”

Don’t Wait To Address Dental Problems

don't wait to address dental problemsIt can be easy to make excuses and avoid treating issues with your teeth or gums, but it is important to realize that little issues, when left unchecked, can become big problems. The difference between a cavity that needs a filling, and a cavity that needs root canal therapy, can often be a matter of when it is caught. Other problems, like gum disease, can lead to prolonged pain, and even tooth loss. The more information your dentist has about your oral health, the easier it will be to keep your smile healthy, and avoid costly procedures. Continue reading “Don’t Wait To Address Dental Problems”

Want a Better Night’s Sleep? Your Dentist Can Help

Tired Man Sleep Apnea TreatmentHave you been waking up feeling as if you never went to bed? A poor night’s sleep is almost as bad as no night’s sleep, possibly worse. Plus, it can leave many people feeling restless, and even hopeless. But did you know that if your sleep has been suffering, your dentist could help? If your problem stems from sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that can affect your ability to breathe while you sleep, a dentist can help provide treatment that can keep your airways open and your sleep more sound. Continue reading “Want a Better Night’s Sleep? Your Dentist Can Help”

Do You Assume X-Rays Are Bad For You? Don’t.

xryMany people assume that x-rays are bad for you because they are full of radiation. They forego their dental x-rays for this reason, and they won’t allow their children to have dental x-rays. However, if you have a new dentist or you’re getting ready to visit your first dentist ever, he or she will likely want to take a set of x-rays to look for any underlying problems and to have a set to compare other x-rays to in the future. If you are assuming dental x-rays are bad for you, don’t.


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It’s All About The Basics

basicsBasic dental care may seem basic but think of your oral health care this way. Your supporting jawbone is like the foundation of your house; when the foundation begins to crumble so does the rest of the structure. If your underlying jawbone begins to crumble your teeth will fall out. Basic dental care helps prevent that from happening. Take our quiz below to remind yourself all about the basics.

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Help Your Teeth By Eating Healthy

HealthyThere is such a thing as a tooth-friendly diet. Certain foods can help strengthen your teeth, keep your gums healthy, and prevent tooth decay while other foods can do just the opposite. Foods that are good for your oral and dental health include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats. Below are some tooth-friendly food suggestions so you can help your teeth by eating healthy.

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February Dental Health Month For Pets

dog teethDid you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) declared February National Pet Dental Health Month because dental disease is one of the most common diseases affecting dogs and cats. The oral health of pets has been highly ignored up until recently and the AVMA wants to change that.  According to them, yellow teeth and bad breath can be a sign of serious oral disease in your pet that can affect their internal organs including their kidneys, liver, and heart.  If your pet presents with bad breath and yellow teeth, don’t ignore it. Take them to the vet for a dental checkup and spread the word that February is national dental health month for pets.

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